Bitcoin Price May Touch $150K to $300K in 2022, Says Large BTC Miner


The CEO of BTC.Top, one of the biggest BTC Mining company in China, Jiang Zhuoer revealed in a recent interview with Coindesk representative that the current bitcoin (BTC) market price appreciation may still continue around September and then slow down by June 2022 before entering a bear market.

According to Jiang; “BTC could tip between this September and next June, targeting $150,000-$300,000,” Jiang told CoinDesk in comments sent via WeChat by a representative. “The current price level is definitely not reaching a peak,” he said. “The attention and popularity around bitcoin has not reached the level we saw in the past bull market.”

Jiang also explained his rationale with crypto-journalist WuBlockchain, in a Twitter thread published over the weekend.

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“After Tesla purchased $1.5 billion in BTC and Meitu purchased $90 million in BTC and ETH, there are no other large, listed companies in North America and Asia to follow up,” according to WuBlockchain’s interview with Jiang.

Jiang also pointed to a potential shift in U.S. monetary policy as a headwind for cryptocurrencies. The global economic recovery could lead to a policy tightening, which could weigh on risk assets including bitcoin.

Jiang is not alone in his bitcoin forecast. “Previously, several Chinese blockchain company CEOs told WuBlockchain that they believe this autumn might start to turn into a bear,” tweeted WuBlockchain.

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Jiang’s company is also experiencing higher mining revenue, especially given the rally in bitcoin’s price. Higher revenue enables Jiang to reinvest in his mining business.


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